In Praise of Sky

sunset august (3)

I sing the praises of blue, blue sky, diving magpies, hawks, and ravens. Perfectly still air, and a calm soul. I shout thanks for the excellent sleep and the waking, consciousness and sustenance, and the rusty metal relics I’ve made into toys and works of art. Pumpkin pie and beer for breakfast. Lotion for my itchy legs. A plan that will help me sequence as I meander. A charger for my phone. I am among the blessed. My good fortune extends so far beyond what I deserve that the comparison is spurious. What I deserve and what I have are unrelated. To prove otherwise would involve such massive statistical analyses, only God could give it a go.

My mind wanders. Imagine God with 7 billion independent undeserving variables lining up with their blessings and curses, their riches and hunger, their longings and fears. What connects to what? What would the dependent variables be? Clean air? Laughter? Breast milk? Weapons? Money? Love? A full belly? A fantastic sexual partner? Healthcare?

Correlation is NOT causation. This is the single spiritual truth I learned in Advanced Statistics. But, my or my, aren’t we tempted to draw the easy conclusions? Isn’t it hard to let go of those judgements about who deserves what? Some graceless days, I deserve nothing. Some malevolent days, I’d willingly get rid of half the world’s population, convinced I’d be doing the Universe a favor.

Tune in here, God. Don’t you realize how maddening it is to be us? Well-fed, fulfilled human beings who’ve invented politics, the nightly news and the Internet? I didn’t ask to be born who I am, where I am. Why am I not a dead Syrian child? Why am I not a billionaire? God, you’re inconsistent and nearly inscrutable. What am I? What am I supposed to do?

“Enough,” God said. “You’re enough. You’re a stitch in the quilt I’ve been working on, a glimmer of light through water, you add to the harmonics, and help with the boredom I face occasionally. I set you free before you knew what that meant, and I’ve been trying to teach you ever since. Most humans are frightfully slow learners, but luckily, I invented education, and if you’re willing, I’ll keep teaching you.”

“Ok,” I said meekly.

“Good to hear,” God said. “You can back off the statistics. I was enjoying your revelry before you drifted. Do what’s in your heart to do. Let your joy make you brave, compassion make you strong. That’s how I do it, and remember, we’re a lot alike.”

“Yeah. I hate when you point that out,” I said, loosening up a little.

God laughed and blew me flirtatious kisses, like fireworks on the horizon. I blew some back and began again to praise the blue, blue sky. But frankly, it didn’t seem like enough. I crossed my arms, ill at ease with my comparative wealth. God laughed again. “Keep trying,” God whispered. “Keep trying.”

6 thoughts on “In Praise of Sky

  1. Ooooh, I like it. Blue sky, birds, still air, calm soul, excellent sleep and waking, lotion, pumpkin pie…maybe I’ll pass on the rusty relics (feeling like one) and beer fro breakfast (that comes later-with or music/jam session tonight).

    And my morning? Better sleep than the night before, clear sky and sunrise over an icy expanse. I roust Malyshka (husky) curled up on the deck in a little spot of sun, so I can lay down her padded “yoga mat”. She quickly recognizes the upgrade and claims her pad, licks me in the face, and curls up once again. Happy dog, simple pleasures.

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  2. What a beautiful way (and statistically correct) to separate out what we are given versus what we “deserve.” And a captivating definition of grace ” You’re a stitch in the quilt I’ve been working on, a glimmer of light through water, you add to the harmonics…”

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  3. Oh Rita…I love you!
    Long before you came into my life, I loved your handsome John, too! I just couldn’t read another one of your beautiful posts without letting you know how much my husband Mick and I thoroughly enjoy reading and drinking in your words. You leave us thirsty for more. Each one is a treasure that we find ourselves remembering, equally with smiles and tears even days and weeks after they’ve been posted. I am thankful for you! I hope that someday I’ll have the opportunity to meet you in person. Til then…keep being you (& sharing your beautiful soul with us)
    and please accept a big hug today from a grateful stranger/friend.

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